Clifton Callender

composition, music theory, mathematics

Investigation into the structural properties of rhythmic canons based on Sturmian words. These Sturmian canons are aperiodic, hierarchical, and potentially self-similar rhythmic patterns that give rise to aperiodic (thus infinite) rhythmic canons, tilings, and polyrhythms. (Left-side of the above image is taken from Hanna Uscka-Wehlou’s work on digital lines of irrational slope, which has a natural interpretation in terms of rhythmic canons. My own work teases out these implications and extends her results to hierarchical periodicities manifest in terms of canonic structure.)

Sturmian Canons, In J. Yust, J. Wild, and A. Burgoyne (eds.): Mathematics and Computation in Music: Fourth International Conference, MCM 2013.