Clifton Callender

composition, music theory, mathematics

FSU New Music Ensemble

Fall 2017

December 5, 8:00 PM
Dohnányi Music Hall


Michael Gordon
acdc (1997)
Kayla Hanvey, flute; Katsuya Yuasa, clarinet
Edward Charity, violin; Aleksandra Pereverzeva, cello
Bizhou Jin, piano; Keith Dodson, conductor

Justin Giarrusso
If it’s not Baroque (2017)
Elaine Bastos and Pedro Maia, violins
Shelby Thompson, viola; Jack Flores, cello
Holden Bitner, contrabass; Tyler Tucker, harpsichord

Yue Sun
Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet (2016)
Katsuya Yuasa, clarinet;
Eppes Quartet:
Nina Kim and Pedro Maia, violins
Shelby Thompson, viola; Adam Collins, cello

Michael Torke
The Yellow Pages (1984)
Cosmos New Music:
Ayça Çetin, flute; Katsuya Yuasa, clarinet
Pedro Maia, violin; Aleksandra Pereverzeva, cello
Thaya Kongpakpaisarn, piano

Gu Wei
Lion City (2017)
Huizi Zhang and Minyoung Rho, pianos

Claude Vivier
Pulau Dewata (1977)
Dylan Beeles and Miles Cingolani, percussion
Huizi Zhang, piano


acdc is based on a simple, almost pop, chord progression that somehow found its way into 11/8, the basic time signature that runs throughout the whole piece. I layered oddly phrased melodies on top, with the cello playing a pizzacato bass groove. acdc was commissioned by the Alternate Currents ensemble, which made me think about electricity. I’m not a scientist or engineer, so I was free to imagine that alternating currents were something like two different speeds or rhythms going on simultaneously.

— Michael Gordon

If It’s Not Baroque makes reference to the old joke, “if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.” While this piece is not completely Baroque-n, it does pay homage to some of my favorite composers of the Baroque era. The first movement draws from the concerti of Vivaldi. The “Air” finds its inspiration in the highly ornamented keyboard works of Couperin, as well as referencing the French Baroque practice of uneven notes (notes inégales), and J.S. Bach’s beautiful counterpoint was the primary inspiration for the last movement.

— Justin Giarrusso

The Yellow Pages
If one believes that appropriation is not a viable aesthetic, then one must conclude that shopping in the pawnshop of tonality will yield musical pages that are yellowed and old. Yet if one believes in the possibility of ahistoricism and further is not bothered by notions of accessibility and the ‘allographic’, then the music could be compared to the yellow pages, published for AT&T, as that book finds a place in every home. And paging through the categories of telephone numbers inside, one notices that, alphabetically, they change slowly: ‘Automobile Wrecking’, ‘Aviation Consultants’, and ‘Awnings and Canopies’. This gradual transition is reflected in the handling of a slow transpositional process in the piece. Finally, the key of G Major, around which the piece is based, is the color of yellow, or at least a darkish burnt yellow.

— David Charlton

Pulau Dewata, whose title means “Island of the Gods” in Indonesian, is a tribute piece to the wonderful Balinese people. The whole piece is merely a melody whose rhythmic language is sometimes drawn from the Balinese rhythmic line. A tribute with memories of this island. The ending of the piece is in fact an exact quotation of the “panjit prana,” the offering dance of the Legong. I wanted a simple piece: monochrome, a short piece above all full of joy, alternating single melodies—“intervalized”—and complementary melodies in the Balinese style. It is a child’s music …

— Claude Vivier

2017 Festival of New Music

February 3, 2:00 PM Opperman Music Hall


eight shades of metal (2014)
Nickitas Demos
Saxophone quartet: Katherine Weintraub, soprano; Cole Belt, alto; Nick Childs, tenor; Galo Morales, baritone
Trombone quartet: Kyle Schaefer, Tyler Coffman, Kevin Clancy, Jonathan Lacey (bass)
Trey Harris, conductor

Otherness (2014)
Fernanda Navarro John Ross, flute; Brian Corbin, bass clarinet;
Jared Starr, violin; Maria Santacruz, viola;
Carrie Miller, cello; Yinhui Li, piano;
Jacob Kight, percussion; Trey Harris, conductor

The White Album (2014)
Mark Kilstofte
 3. I Am Learning to Abandon the World
 2. The Mad Scene Mark Kilstofte
Feryal Qudourah, soprano; Ayça Çetin, flute;
Katsuya Yuasa, clarinet; Dani Hoisington, violin;
Aleksandra Pereverzeva, cello; YingYing Wang, piano;
Andrew Bockman, percussion; Rachel Friedman, conductor

— Intermission —

Rhythmensional (2015)
Fernando Benadon
Brian Corbin, bass clarinet; Shelby Thompson, viola;
Tyler Tolles, vibraphone; Guilherme Godoi, piano

Šeptet (7/whispers) (2014)
Ondřej Štochl
Hank Lundrum, clarinet; Petra Bubanja and Edward Charity, violins;
Jack Flores, cello; DK Issitt, contrabass;
Huizi Zhang, piano; Jeremy Avalos, guitar;
Michael Douty, conductor

Zilver (1994)
Louis Andriessen
Laura Clapper, flute; Jake Meyer, clarinet;
Marianna Brickle, violin; Aleksandra Pereverzeva, cello;
Chad Spears, piano; Mitchell Gribbroek, marimba;
Jack Rutledge, vibraphone and glockenspiel; James Chang, conductor

Spring 2016

April 16, 4:00 PM
Opperman Music Hall


Jigsaw (2015)
Paul Richards
Scotty Phillips, saxophone; Carrie Miller, cello

Lullaby (1990) and Dash (2004)
Jennifer Higdon
Catherine Handgen, flute; Sara Everson, soprano saxophone
Huizi Zhang, piano

Blue Third Pieces (1996)
Libby Larsen
Thomas Rowat, clarinet; Matthew Gillen, guitar

China Gates (1977)
John Adams
Huizi Zhang, piano

String Quartet (2016)
Marshall Jones
Elaine Bastos and Jocelyn Hsu, violins
Joseph Koeferl, viola; Lagan Castro, cello

Les Moutons de Panurge (1969)
Frederic Rzewski
Catherine Handgen, flute; Sara Everson saxophone
Thomas Rowat and Larkin Sanders, clarinets
Logan Castro, Evan Jones, and Carrie Miller, cellos
Clifton Callender, David Kalhous, and Huizi Zhang, pianos
Matthew Gillen, guitar

Fall 2015

November 18, 8:00 PM
Opperman Music Hall


Spiegel im Spiegel (1978)
Arvo Pärt
Sophia Han, violin; Minji Nam, piano

Inter- (2014)
Aaron Spotts
Catherine Handgen, flute; Thomas Rowat, clarinet
Taylor Giogio, violin; Huizi Zhang, piano
Aaron Spotts, conductor

Song and Dance (2009)
Shulamit Ran
Sara Everson, saxophone; Tennison Watts, percussion

Rhapsody (2015)
Logan Castro
Rachel Hall, viola; Guilherme Godoi, piano

Petroushskates (1980)
Joan Tower
Alyssa Borel, flute; Thomas Rowat, clarinet
Tania Moldovan, violin; Jordan Galvarino, cello
Minji Nam, piano

Spring 2015

April 26, 2015
Opperman Music Hall


Chants (2013)
Matthew Kaner
Alyssa Borel, flute; Joseph Velez, clarinet
Rachel Ace, viola; Ashlee Booth, cello

Im Dunkel (2013)
Agustin Castilla-Avila
Elyse Davis, flute; Laura Clapper, alto flute
Matthew Gillen, guitar

ring chant (2015)
Danny Clay
Jennifer Tinberg, clarinet; Benjamin Fraley, marimba

In a Dream (2015)
John Thomas III
Catherine Cole, marimba

For Eliza (2013)
Nomi Epstein
Lawrence Quinnett, piano

The More Things Change (2012)
Ingrid Stölzel
Adam Brennan, clarinet; Catherine Cole, percussion
Benjamin Maynard, violin; Ashlee Booth, cello
Adam Ravain, piano; Matthew Bishop, conductor

Groove Incubation (2013)
Kevin Wilt
Maxwell Thompson and Will Whitehead, violas
Jordan Galvarino and Lissa Reed, cellos
DK Issitt and Joseph Sabatino, basses
Matthew Bishop, conductor

Spring 2014

April 27, 4:00 PM
Lindsay Recital Hall


Raven (2004)
Edward Knight
Duo Rodinia:
Lisa Kachouee, clarinet; Jamie Whitmarsh, marimba

Nachtlieder (1978)
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Paul Petrucelli, clarinet; Eun-Mi Lee, piano

Tumbao (2005)
Tania León
Cholong Park, piano

Sonata for Eb clarinet and piano (1995/1999)
Sean Osborn
Paul Petrucelli, clarinet; Eun-Mi Lee, piano

Notions (2014)
Benjamin Fraley
Tommy Dobbs, percussion

Gallery (2014)
Alan Theisen
Force Majeure Quintet:
Nicole Riccardo, flute; Casey Knowlton, oboe
Patrick Fulton, clarinet; Kelsey Weber, bassoon
Joey Cafeo, horn

Fall 2013

December 2, 8:30 PM
Opperman Music Hall


to wALk Or ruN in wEst harlem (2008)
Andy Akiho
What Is Noise:
Sarah Jane Young, flute; Lisa Kachouee, clarinet
Joshua Burel, violin; Justin Page, cello
Tommy Dobbs and Jamie Whitmarsh, percussion
Cholong Park, piano

Bits and Pieces (2011)
Sean Osborn
Paul Petrucelli, clarinet

Roanoke (2013)
Joshua Burel
What Is Noise Jamie Whitmarsh, conductor

Gumboots (2008)
David Bruce
Lisa Kachouee, clarinet
JiaRong Gan and Patrick Lin, violins
Peter Dutilly, viola; Daron Kirsch, cello

2013 Festival of New Music

February 1, 2:00 PM
Opperman Music Hall


VIM HyeKyung Lee
Chris Kuhns, flute; Jared Eastridge, clarinet
Eleanor LeClair, marimba; Tatiana Gorbunova, piano
Alexandra Matloff and Jenny Lee Vaughn, violins
Julia Kim, viola; Katie Beth Farrell, cello
Tim Wiggins, conductor

Breathing Room Travis Alford
Kallie Rogers, flute; Lisa Perry, clarinet;
Ben Fraley, percussion
Lawrence Quinnett, piano; Vilma Lloja, violin
Julia Kim, viola; Daron Kirsch, cello
Matt Bishop, conductor

Missing Time
Donald Hagar
Sarah Jane Young, flute; Paul Petrucelli, clarinet
Justin Landers, piano; Hui Lim, violin
Elizabeth Donovan, cello; Ed Kawakami, conductor

Open Passage
Hiroya Miura
Chris Kuhns, flute; Jia-Rong Gan, violin
Daron Kirsch, cello; Chad Spears, piano
Ed Kawakami, conductor

Town’s Gonna Talk
Eric Lindsay
Kallie Rogers, flute; Jennifer Tinberg, bass clarinet
Cindy Willis and Tommy Dobbs, percussion
Krista Heslop, piano; Bernie Vaughn, violin
Elizabeth Donovan, cello; Alex Dee, conductor

Spring 2012

April 1, 8:30 PM
Dohnányi Recital Hall


Sparkling in the Dark (2011)
Lawrence Dillon
Matt Gelband, saxophone; Javier Rodriguez, bassoon

Manere (2008)
Alexander Goehr
Lisa Kachouee, clarinet; Jennifer Morgan, violin

Hiking the Cascade Creek Trail (2011)
Zachariah Zubow
Jamie Whitmarsh, percussion

Impressions of Mt. Charleston (2011)
Nolan Stolz
Scotty Phillips, saxophone

Rumi Settings (2001)
Augusta Read Thomas
Kristin Pfeifer, violin; Laurel Yu, viola

Quasi Hoquetus (1985)
Sofia Gubaidulina
Javier Rodriguez, bassoon; Emily Jensenius, viola
Roderick Gorby, piano

Fall 2011

Stephen Montague, guest composer

November 30, 2011 8:00 PM
Opperman Music Hall


Louder Than Words (2001)
Don Freund
Kim Loeffert, saxophone; Javier Rodriguez, bassoon
Mitchell Giambolvo, piano

Shine (2011)
Jung Song
Amanda Taylor, flute; Emily Beisel, clarinet
Tony Steve, percussion; Doori Yoo, piano
Jiwon Hwang, violin; Lauren Franklin, cello
Alex Dee, conductor

Piano Quintet (2011)
Joshua Keeling
Jiwon Hwang, violin; Hyunjin Han, violin
Laurie Rominger, viola; Lauramarie Laskey, cello
Mitchell Giambolvo, piano

Mira (1995)
Stephen Montague
Doori Yoo, piano

Paramell VI (1981)
Stephen Montague
Amanda Taylor, flute; Paul Petrucelly, clarinet
Lauren Franklin, cello; Mitchell Giambolvo, piano

2011 Festival of New Music

January 28, 2:00 PM
Dohnányi Recital Hall

Valence II
Robert Baker
Nan Yen Lin, clarinet; Kristin Pfeifer, violin
Katie Geeseman, cello; Joy Thurman, piano
Tucker Biddlecomb, conductor

Pierce Gradone
Sam Peliska, clarinet; Miguel Lesmes, violin
Ariana Macmillan, cello; Eric Jenkins, piano
James Mick, conductor

La defense
Lan-chee Lam
Amanda Taylor, flute; Amanda Morrison, clarinet
Mia Detwiler, violin; Renate Falkner, viola
Jenna Nordschow, cello; Lydia Kilian, piano
William Tackett, conductor

The Pismirist’s Congeries
Carl Schimmel
Carlos Feller, flute; Jennifer Morgan, violin
Georgia Sinko, cello; Melissa Loehnig, piano
William Tackett, conductor

Sans Titre II
William Price
Eric Barreto-Maymi, alto saxophone

Moto Perpetuo
Liviu Marinescu
Amanda Taylor, flute; Rachel Shepard, violin
Marcos Vines, cello; Ryan Blakemore, piano
Ed Kawakami, conductor

Spring 2010

April 12, 8:30 PM
Dohnányi Recital hall


Fratres (1980)
Arvo Pärt
Jiwon Hwang, violin; Melissa Loehnig, piano

Novelette (2008)
Sarah Gaskins
Jennifer Morgan, violin; Doori Yoo, piano

Steamboat Bill Junior (1990)
Magnus Lindberg
Jeff O’Flynn, clarinet; Robert Barnes, cello

Cendres (1998) Kaija Saariaho
Dalia Chin, alto flute; Robert Barnes, cello
Doori Yoo, piano

Visual Abstract (2002)
Pierre Jalbert
Dalia Chin, flute; Jeff O’Flynn, clarinet
Austin Pellela, percussion; Melissa Loehnig, piano
Jiwon Hwang, violin; Robert Barnes, cello
Alex Dee, conductor

Fall 2009

November 22, 8:00 PM
Dohnányi Recital hall


Litany (2009)
Shane McDonald
Desiree Gattis, clarinet; Hannah Neman, percussion
Doori Yoo, piano; Minyoung Cho, violin
Alex Dee, conductor

Estudios Sencillos (1973)
Leo Brouwer
 XIX Movido: Allegretto
 XX Movido: Rapido
Matt Ostler, guitar

Fuoco (1986)
Roland Dyens
Matt Ostler, guitar

In 3 two (2005)
Fernando Benadon
Desiree Gattis, bass clarinet; Minyoung Cho, violin
Marie Sinco, cello; Clifton Callender, conductor

Static (2006)
Sebastian Currier
Kristin Hayes, flute; Jeff O’Flynn, clarinet
Doori Yoo, piano; Erman Turkili, violin
Marie Sinco, cello; Ed Kawakami, conductor

2009 Festival of New Music


102nd & Amsterdam Douglas Boyce
Hyunjin Han, violin; Laurel Yu, viola; Marie Sinco, cello

Chris Arrell
Lauren Cox, clarinet; Hojin Kim, violin
Youngjin Yun, cello; Brian Baldauff, vibraphone
Alex Dee, conductor

Ballistic Etude 3.1
Mark Kilstofte
Jessica Epps, flute; Jeff Brooks, bass clarinet
Aaron Seiler, violin; Robert Barnes, cello
Adam Groh, percussion; Katherine Thomas, piano
Christopher Ocasek, conductor

David Biedenbender
Jessica Schneider, clarinet; Hojin Kim, violin
Jayoung Kim, cello; Megan Arns, marimba
Mei-Ling Shen, piano; Frank Diaz, conductor

Matthew Van Brink
Jessica Epps, flute; Daniel Hasznos, clarinet
Eun-Hye Choi, piano; Hyunjin Han, violin
Laurel Yu, viola; Marie Sinco, cello
Amy Acklin, conductor

Small Worlds
James Romig
Jessica Epps, flute; Shino Saito, clarinet
Ji Yeon Ryu, violin; Robert Barnes, cello
Gisele Mota, piano; Matt Diaz, conductor