Clifton Callender

composition, music theory, mathematics

Code examples for the course:

Code for Sep. 19
Code for Sep. 21
My solution to problem set 3
Music21 choraleIterator and key analysis tools
Music21 chordify and annotateIntervals examples
Basic numpy, scipy, and matplotlib examples
Markov text generator
Markov music generator
Mozart musical dice game
Sample Python code for David Cope’s 1992 CMJ article
Hidden Markov Model example (basic)
Random selection from weighted choices
Simulation and basic statistics in Python
Simplified meter finding algorithm (based on Temperley, chapter 3)
Complex numbers and the DFT in Python and NumPy
Machine learning 1—sklearn, datasets, PCA, 2D and 3D scatterplots
Machine learning 2—classifiers in sklearn
Machine learning 3—cross validation in sklearn
Machine learning 4—feature extraction and the DataSet class in music21
Machine learning 5—k-means clustering, silhouette scores, Voronoi diagrams
Pickling example
Solution to maching learning problem set
Dynamic programming